New 11,000 square metre facility

It’s with great pleasure I can announce that Riordan Group P/L has opened a brand new 11,000 square metre facility at Corio. Riordan and Eulameet Developments the landowners have come together to build this fantastic facility.

The two sheds have been built over the past 12 months and will store fertiliser on behalf of Weng Fu Australia. Weng Fu in conjunction with Riordan will unload vessels at Geelong ports and store the approx. 50,000 tonnes fertilizer in these sheds for farmers and transport companies to come and pick up throughout the year. Anyone wishing to purchase fertilizer should contact Weng Fu direct.

The two sheds are situated directly behind Ritchie’s Auction house and in easy access of all the main arterial routes in and out of Geelong.

The current testing indicates we can load a B- double truck in under 5 minutes enabling trucks to be turned around quickly. Riordan’s have put a lot of thought into the customers experience at this site to make it the best available in the market.

The facility consists of two sheds segregated with MAP and SSP (Single super) both are available for outturn between 7am till 4pm daily with extension of hours due to demand.

I would like to thank all those involved in the project including the Eulameet Development Group and looking forward to seeing many farmers being able to benefit from this new facility along with more tonnes and jobs for Geelong Region.

Let me know if you would like to inspect or visit the facility and Simon Felstead our site manager would be more than happy to show you around. Contact us here.

– Jim Riordan