Merger of Langdon Grain Logistics and Riordan Grain Services

Langdon Grain Logistics (LGL) and Riordan Grain Services (RGS) are very pleased to announce the merging of their businesses from 1 July 2016.

The businesses have had extensive dealings over the last two decades but the relationship became closer in 2008 when both operated from LGL’s Lismore storage facility.

The merging brings together two Australian businesses with a similar hands-on culture focused on providing the best possible service to suppliers and customers.

The merged business will ensure that a strong, experienced and diversified local company supports all sectors of the grain industry. All staff from both businesses will continue to be employed to ensure that existing relationships are maintained and enhanced.

The merged business will operate in the name of Riordan Grain Services in Lismore and at several other existing locations in the Geelong Region, the Western District, elsewhere in Victoria and southern New South Wales.

The merged business will provide a comprehensive service including:

  • Grain procurement and trading
  • Stock food distribution
  • Transport
  • Storage
  • Fertilizer storage and delivery
  • Container packing
  • Fuel

This broad range of services is supported by proven supply chain management, established systems and process and an extensive industry network.

If you have any queries in relation to this merger please contact your current contact or Adrian Murphy at LGL on 0427 331 482, or Mark Lewis at RGS on 0431 194 470.

We will contact you again after the merger is complete to provide further information about the merger.

Ray Langdon & Jim Riordan